University Statement on Accreditation 

Antioch University Los Angeles, in collaboration with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of Antioch University, publishes the Antioch University Los Angeles Catalog. We make every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information; however Antioch University Los Angeles reserves the right to change, without notice, statements in the catalog concerning policies, fees, curricula, course offerings and other matters.

As a matter of policy, and in accordance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 and other state and federal laws, Antioch University Los Angeles does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, handicap, age, sexual preference or marital status in recruiting and admitting students, awarding financial aid, recruiting and hiring faculty and staff, or operating any of its programs and activities. (AU Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity policy 4.005)

Antioch University Los Angeles is an integral part of Antioch University, which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, Illinois, 60604-1411, Phone: 800.621.7440  or 312.263.0456 .  Fax: 312.263.7462.  Website:

Antioch University’s credentials also include federal government recognition of eligibility for various forms of federal assistance, grants, and contracts, including the eligibility of Antioch students for federal financial aid and veteran’s benefits. The University is in compliance with appropriate federal laws and regulations concerning civil rights, affirmative action, tax exemption, and eligibility for foundation support.

If you have questions or comments regarding this publication, please direct them to Antioch University Los Angeles, contact information shown below.

Use of this Campus Handbook

The fees, programs and polices contained in this handbook are effective from July 1, 2020  to June 30, 2021. This student  handbook is provided, in part, to summarize current tuition rates, fees, curricula, course offerings and the major university policies affecting your rights and responsibilities as a student.   The actual policies may be found on the University website at [Throughout this Handbook, individual University policies are referenced by number, and may be accessed from this site.]

The University and the Campus reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to amend or remove current policies, to adopt new policies as it deems necessary or appropriate, or to update the academic calendar the tuition refund policy, the curriculum or course offerings during the current catalog/campus handbook  year. Any change will be published with 30 calendar days’ notice prior to the effective date. Students are encourage to review the online Campus Handbook periodically for future amendments, and to monitor their Antioch email account for notification of changes.

For More Information
Requests for further information or a copy of this handbook should be addressed to:

Office of Enrollment Management & Student Services
Antioch University Los Angeles

400 Corporate Pointe
Culver City, CA 90230-7615
Telephone: (310) 578-1080 ext 216   Direct Line: (310) 578-1090
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