Administration and Leadership

Antioch University Administration

William Groves
Interim Chancellor
J.D., The Ohio State University College of Law

Laurien Alexandre
Provost, Graduate School of Leadership and Change; Special Assistant to the Chancellor
Ph.D., University of California, Irvine

Suzette Castonguay
University Director of Human Resources and Payroll
M.A., Antioch University

Timothy Forbess
Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement
M.Div., United Theological Seminary

Allan Gozum
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania

Maureen Heacock
University Registrar
Ph.D., University of Minnesota

MB Lufkin
Vice Chancellor for Marketing
Ed.D., Plymouth State University

Felice Nudelman
Chief Global Officer for Innovation and Partnerships
M.F.A., The Pratt Institute

Katy Stahl
University Director of Financial Aid
B.A. Central Washington University

Rebecca Todd
University Counsel
J.D., Cornell Law School

Iris Weisman
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and University Provost
Ed.D., North Carolina State University

Leslie Bates
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor and Secretary to the Board of Governors
B.A., DePauw University

Michelle Ward
Project Manager, Academic Affairs and Marketing
B.S., Central Michigan University

Antioch University Provosts

Mark Hower, Interim Provost
Antioch University Los Angeles
Ph.D., Antioch University

Melinda Treadwell, Antioch University New England
Ph.D., State University of New York, Syracuse

Benjamin Pryor, Antioch University Seattle
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Barbara Lipinski, Interim Provost
Antioch University Santa Barbara
Ph.D., University of Southern California

Marian Glancy, Antioch University Midwest
Ph.D., University of Dayton

Antioch University Board of Governors

Charlotte M. Roberts, Chair
Sherrill’s Ford, NC

Paul Mutty, Vice Chair
Seattle, WA

William Groves, Interim Chancellor & Corporate Secretary

James “Jay” Morley, Jr., Treasurer
Annapolis, MD

Bruce Bedford
St. Michaels, MD

Marva Cosby
Dayton, OH

Steve Crandall
Seattle, WA

Katrin Dambrot
Mendham, NJ

Lance Dublin
San Francisco, CA

Enrique Figueroa
Madison, WI

Carole Isom-Barnes
Huntersville, NC

Elsa Luna
Los Angeles, CA

Holiday Hart McKiernan
Indianapolis, IN

William Plater
Indianapolis, IN

Lawrence Stone
Reston, VA

Martha Summerville
New Haven, CT

Governor Emerita

Lillian Pierson Lovelace
Santa Barbara, CA