Antioch University Mission

Antioch University provides learner-centered education to empower students with the knowledge and skills to lead meaningful lives and to advance social, economic, and environmental justice.

Antioch University Vision

Antioch aspires to be a leading university offering learners and communities  transformative education in a global context that fosters innovation and inspires social action.

Statement of Commitment, Inclusion and Diversity

In recognition of our mission, vision, and core values, Antioch University governors, trustees, faculty, staff, students, and alumni pledge to engage in ongoing development as an inclusive learning community.   Our goal is justice and empowerment for all.   To this end, we respond to the spectrum of human diversity so that no one is marginalized.   Firmly rooted in our longstanding tradition of challenging inequities and promoting social change, we are committed to continued growth as an international university that addresses the complexities of the diverse regions we serve.   To move beyond tolerance toward inclusion, affirmation and the celebration of our differences, we embrace challenges and recognize that the responsibility for this rests with each member of the community and with the university as an educational institution.   We commit to creating and maintaining a learning environment free from discrimination, and we encourage and support those who identify and speak out against discrimination in pursuit of social justice.   We demonstrate our commitment to the celebration of difference through self-examination, respectful interactions, and through formal and informal policies and practices that give life to these ideals within Antioch University and the world around us.