[Authority: Board of Trustees, May 1941; reaffirmed May 1948; reaffirmed, as applicable to the University, March 2007]

Freedom of inquiry and freedom of communication are essential to human dignity and progress and to self-government. That freedom is won at great cost and can be maintained only with courage and vigilance, especially during times of great stress, such as may be ahead.

The Board of Governors of Antioch University takes this occasion to assure the faculty and students of Antioch University that it shares with them this commitment to freedom of inquiry and of expression, and will support them in maintaining it.

The value of a University is that it supplies leadership and equips men and women for leadership in citizenship. It is not enough that a University meet the minimum standards of citizenship. Members of the University community should be expected to meet reasonable standards of propriety and good taste, and to have a decent respect for the opinions of mankind.

The dangers to freedom in inquiry and of expression are not only from without. Abuse of such freedom by members of a university community would be one of the surest ways of undermining it. The members of the university community, therefore, by acting with good will, good taste and with a sense of fitness, greatly contribute to maintaining and strengthening the heritage of freedom.

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