AULA Email

Each entering student receives an AULA email account. Orientation to the email and online system is provided through a required workshop for entering students in each program.

It is important that students use and check their AULA email accounts. If an email is sent to their AULA email account the university considers that the student has received notification of the information contained within the message and is responsible for knowing it. 


Antioch University is currently using the Sakai Learning Management System for all online components of the academic programs. Faculty members can access their class rosters through Sakai as well as post their syllabus and course resources for all students registered in the course. Students can engage in discussion forums, post articles, as well as deposit papers in folders to which only the instructors and authorized academic support staff have access.

For help using the Sakai system, please contact the library staff (x333). 


In order to provide students with a simple, cost-effective method of purchasing text books 24/7, AULA operates an online bookstore. Students may purchase books from the vendor of their choice, or may take advantage of AULA’s partnership with MBS Direct, which has the nation's largest inventory of used books at discounted prices.

Some of the benefits of purchasing books through AULA’s online bookstore through MBS Direct are:

  • Fast shipping
  • Order forms customized to AULA courses’ required reading lists
  • Multiple payment options, including Financial Aid Vouchers
  • 100% return policy (Course materials must be returned within two weeks after class start date or within 21 days of date shipped, whichever is later)
  • Excellent, U.S.-based customer service by phone or email
  • A quarterly Customer Loyalty Program that increases the amount you receive when selling back your books

Visit AULA’s online bookstore at

Course Readers

In addition to textbooks, some courses utilize compilations of journal articles and book excerpts, collectively bound as custom course readers. Readers can be picked up at the Campus Services Center, typically by the first day of the term. Costs for readers are assessed as part of the registration process. Readers are nonrefundable and cannot be returned, even if the student later drops the course. For weekend intensive classes and for workshops, students are responsible for obtaining course readers in advance of the learning activity.