Antioch University Los Angeles (AULA) is a place where individual spirit thrives and collective community grows.  

Beginning with just twelve students in 1972, Antioch University Los Angeles now educates more than 1000 adult students each year. With more than 8,000 distinguished alumni, AULA has been honored to serve the diverse communities of the greater Los Angeles area for over forty years.  

Our core values of social justice, service to community, and lifelong learning comprise the heart of our BA degree completion program and master’s degree programs in education and teacher credentialing, nonprofit management, psychology, urban sustainability, and creative writing. Partnerships with community organizations provide our students with unique experiential learning opportunities.  

The first AULA campus catalog proclaimed, “We offer a student the opportunity to structure learning experiences out of the abundant resources available within the college walls and in the community outside the college; to accredit that learning as well as recognize the validity of past learning experiences that took place outside the academic structure and which are relevant to degree goals; and to integrate these past and present learnings into a coherent degree program.” 

The AULA of today offers a unique, unconventional graduate and undergraduate education that is centered on the values of social justice, community engagement and life-long learning. In addition to classroom learning, students supplement their eHousing Informationducation experience with a variety of experiential learning options, including internships, independent study, prior learning and off-site seminars.

Antioch University Los Angeles Purpose Statement

Antioch University Los Angeles provides rigorous progressive education to prepare students for the complexities of today's diverse societies. Combining dynamic scholarship and creative endeavor with experiential learning and reflective practice, AULA fosters personal and collective agency, global citizenship, and socially conscious leadership.

Facilities, equipment, and materials for instruction

The Antioch University Los Angeles (AULA) campus is located in Culver City, California, on the west side of greater Los Angeles, in an area historically known as Fox Hills. The AULA campus is in a large office park which houses a variety of tenants, including small businesses, law firms, and creative agencies.

The AULA campus is comprised of three full floors in the Culver 400 building. The campus has over 17,000 square feet of classroom and conference room space, where instruction takes place. Instructions are all in English. All dedicated classrooms have built-in audio-visual equipment, enabling use of technology and video playback for instruction. AULA also uses mobile audio-visual equipment to bring technology to smaller conference spaces when needed. Instructions are all in English.

In addition to classroom space, the AULA campus has two computer labs. Each computer lab is just over 800 square feet in size, and is equipped with technology for instruction. The AULA campus also has a library space that occupies over 1,600 square feet, as well as a tutoring and instruction space called the “Teaching and Learning Center” that occupies just over 1,400 square feet.

Housing Information

AULA is a commuter, non-residential school. It does not offer housing to students. However, there are several housing options (apartments/condos) available within the campus' location in Culver City and in adjacent cities such as Marina Del Rey, Marvista, Santa Monica, Westchester, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Inglewood, etc.. The estimated cost of renting an apartment or a condo ranges from $1,000 (studio-type) to $2,800 a month depending on the area. To get a better idea you may search here for more information.