An Antioch University Los Angeles student will be able to:

  • Engage in creative critical thinking, and problem solving.
  • Integrate theory and practice.
  • Exhibit an awareness of self and others.
  • Demonstrate competencies core to one’s field of study.
  • Use knowledge and skills as an effective participant in civic and professional life.
  • Recognize oneself as a global citizen with a responsibility to effect social change. 

Educational Community

Antioch University Los Angeles is a community of learners consisting of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Among the distinctive features of our learning environment are: 

  • A personalized education that integrates academic excellence, experiential learning, and a commitment to social justice and community service. This tripartite model is the cornerstone of all AULA educational programs. Individualized advising and intense collaboration between students and faculty are at the core of AULA’s approach to student learning.
  • An integration of theory and practice. Graduate and undergraduate students alike earn some of their academic credit through experiential learning, such as field study, internships, and clinical traineeships. Many of AULA’s graduate faculty are themselves practitioners and professionals in their fields, who incorporate their practical experience into the classroom.
  • An emphasis on encouraging students to recognize and integrate diversity in intercultural, intergroup, intergenerational, and interpersonal dynamics. AULA students question and probe their own views and those held by others, being simultaneously responsible for respecting each and every individual in the community. Discussion and self-reflection are ways of furthering learning and understanding in the AULA community.
  • A supportive environment that encourages collaborative learning, values social awareness and activism, and respects the multiple roles of adult students.
  • The development of communication and critical thinking skills to support effective and independent thought and action and a curriculum designed to prepare students to find meaningful work, improve professional opportunities, and lead more purposeful lives.
  • Student-friendly schedules and procedures designed for adult learners.
  • The use of narrative evaluations rather than standard grades.
  • For undergraduate students, an option to provide documentation of prior college-level learning through the Prior Learning Program (described in the BA section of this catalog).

At Antioch University Los Angeles, learning means much more than sitting in classes and listening to lectures. Learning means reflection, dialogue and challenge. While the instructor is the expert in a given area of study, teaching and learning is an interactive process in which the student and teacher together develop attributes of liberally educated individuals and competent, socially concerned, skilled professionals. 

Degrees and Credentials Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts in Urban Communities and Justice
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Technology and Business Leadership
  • Teacher Credentialing
  • Master of Arts in Education Teacher Credentialing
  • Master of Arts in Education, Leadership & Change
  • Master of Arts in Non-Profit Management
  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Psychology Individualized Concentration
  • Master of Arts in Psychological Studies
  • Master of Arts in Urban Sustainability
  • Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing 

Certificate Programs Offered

  • Bridge Program
  • Certificate in Applied Community Psychology
  • Certificate in Psychology of Trauma Studies (formerly Certificate in Conflict and Non-Conflict Related Trauma Studies)
  • Certificate in LGBT Affirmative Psychology
  • Post-MFA Certificate in Teaching Creative Writing
  • Certificate in Web Development (In hiatus beginning fall 2018.)