2018-19 Academic Calendar

2019-20 Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar Information

Below please find the dates for the term start and end dates of Antioch’s various academic calendars and University Holidays. Please note that the calendars are broadly inclusive of all activities. Therefore, individual academic offerings will likely start and end on dates that are included in these dates, but will not correspond directly to these dates. Please see term course schedules, or contact your academic program office for specific dates related to your program.

2018- 19 University Holidays

Wednesday, July 4                                              Independence Day

Monday, September 3                                         Labor Day

Thursday, November 22-

Friday, November 23                                         Thanksgiving

Saturday, December 22 -

Tuesday – January 1                                         Winter Break

Tuesday, January 1                                            New Year’s Day

Monday, January 21                                          Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Monday, February 18                                        Presidents’ Day

Monday, May 27                                                Memorial Day