(Note: This program is in hiatus beginning fall 2018 and will not accept new applications until further notice.)

To qualify for admission, all applicants must complete the following:

1.     Complete and submit Application:

  • Basic demographic info

2.     Before Applicant submits Application:

  • In order to qualify for acceptance into the program, applicants are required to complete the JavaScript: Introduction to JavaScript (module) which is approximately 10 -15hours. When the required module is finished, applicants must attach screenshot of their completion badge with the submission of the application.

Important Notice: For students interested in receiving federal and state financial aid, please note that high school graduation or an equivalency such as a GED is required.  Students can also fulfill this requirement by completing six credit hours or equivalent course work toward a degree or certificate, or by receiving a passing score on an exam demonstrating an ability-to-benefit from higher education.  Also, please note that students seeking governmental financial assistance may be asked to provide proof of high school completion or equivalency, as well as  transcripts from previous college-level work.  

 If you receive federal financial aid, per federal government guidelines under Gainful Employment you will be required to provide the following information after completing the program: type of employment acquired, salary earned, monthly federal student loan payment.