Certificate in Urban Sustainability

Individuals interested in studying urban sustainability who do not wish to earn a Masters degree may seek a Certificate in Urban Sustainability by enrolling for one year in a subset of the courses offered in the graduate program. Certificate students take the six-unit Urban Sustainability course and the one-unit fieldwork planning course in their first semester.  In their second semester, certificate students take Eco-Systems Thinking as well as one of the following three-unit courses:  Urban Infrastructure, Sustainable Urban Economies, or Research and Writing for Practitioners. In addition, certificate students enroll in 2 credits of fieldwork during their second semester. This amounts to a  total of 15 semester credits for the certificate.

Semester 1

URS 5010Urban Sustainability6
URS 5100Fieldwork Planning1

Semester 2

URS 5230Eco Systems Thinking3
URS 5110Fieldwork2
URS 5040Sustainable Urban Economies3
URS 6120 Fieldwork1-2

Certificate students are expected to attend four residencies (two six day residencies in April and October, two four day residencies in January and July) during that year and adhere to learning expectations during the months between residencies. If a student completes the certificate program and wishes to enroll in the graduate program, those completed credits can be applied toward the Masters degree as long as the coursework was completed within the past five years. Certificate students who wish to matriculate into the graduate program will be completing the remaining core coursework during their second year (whichever courses they did not complete as a part of the certificate) and must also attend every residency until they have completed their core coursework. Students may also enroll in elective coursework and continue their fieldwork during either their second or third year in the program. A third year of enrollment is required for completion of the capstone project.

Transfer Credit

Program core faculty will consider requests for transfer credits in limited circumstances. The student must provide evidence that the course content applies to this field and demonstrate learning showing sufficient mastery of the material. A maximum of 9 semester units will be accepted as transfer units from programs delivered at other institutions. The only exception to the 9 semester unit maximum for transfer of credits is articulated below for AULA undergraduate students.