ORN 0020. Prior Learning Workshop (Non-Credit). 0 Units.

Prior learning credit is awarded for college-level learning acquired outside of a college setting. It must be documented by the student and evaluated by an AULA-approved faculty member in order to be credited to the BA degree. The three-hour prior learning workshop enables students to learn the philosophy, theory and process by which prior learning is awarded. Students write a sample proposal, explore methods of documentation, and learn specific criteria and rules necessary to successfully earn this form of credit. It is recommended that the prior learning workshop be taken no later than the student's second quarter of attendance at AULA and, for students who have reduced residency, in their first quarter. Students may not propose or document prior learning without having first taken this workshop. This workshop can be taken more than once. No grade equivalents allowed.

ORN 1510. Independent Study: Orientation. 1-5 Unit.