An AULA BA in Liberal Studies student may elect to become a Fast Track candidate, apply to the AULA MFA in Creative Writing low-residency program and, if accepted, have their first semester in the MFA count toward completion of both the undergraduate degree and the MFA in Creative Writing degree. The MFA Fast Track is a single integrated program that saves qualified students significant time and money when progressing from undergraduate to graduate studies. 

As a highly competitive, nationally recognized program, acceptance into the MFA program is not automatic and dependent on the quality of the student’s creative work and the MFA program’s selective admissions criteria. Students on academic or any other type of probation are not eligible for the Fast Track.

In order to qualify for the fast track in the MFA Program, a student in the AULA BA in Liberal Studies program must: 

  • Have Creative Writing as Major area of concentration.
  • Have completed at least 27 units needed toward the 45 units Residency Requirement in the AULA BA in Liberal Studies Program.
  • Apply and be provisionally accepted into the MFA program. A faculty advisor will guide the student on the appropriate time to apply.
  • Have 18 quarter units remaining to complete the BA degree. Anything less than that will render the student ineligible.
  • At the time of applying, have no less than 18 units remaining and no more than 30 units remaining to complete their degree.
  • Have completed all non-classroom learning, domain requirements and math and academic writing requirements. 
  • Complete the BA course requirements of MFA fast track candidates. A form will be available detailing these requirements.
  • Have all prior learning units registered, completed and submitted no later than 2 quarters before the Fast-Track Semester.
  • Have completed a minimum of 22 BA Creative Writing concentration units.
  • Have taken ENG 4900A Advanced Multi-Genre Workshop twice-- 6 units minimum (it is strongly recommended students take this class EVERY QUARTER as MFA preparation.)
  • Ensure that any DSST/CLEP tests be registered for and completed no later than 2 quarters before the Fast Track semester.
  • Take no more than 12 units in their final BA quarter prior to the MFA residency. This applies to those students who are directly transitioning from the BA to MFA, without a gap quarter off.
  • If there is a gap quarter between the student's final BA quarter and their first MFA residency, the student will go on Leave of Absence.
  • Enroll in the required 12 semester-unit core curriculum for the first semester MFA students. This consists of a ten-day on-campus residency, comprising classes, workshops, and readings, followed by a five month online project period during which students work with Faculty Mentors, conference online with fellow students and write in their home communities. If they successfully complete those units, students earn 12 semester units that can be applied toward the MFA degree and 18 quarter units that are counted toward completion of their BA degree and Creative Writing concentration requirements. Until they complete these 12 units and graduate from the BA in Liberal Studies program, fast-track students are only provisionally accepted into the MFA program. 

Additionally, Fast Track applicants must understand that…

  • Even if accepted into the MFA Program, and even if they have completed the first residency, if the Fast-Track student receives any NC or INC in their final BA quarter, they will be automatically withdrawn from the MFA Program. BA students cannot reapply to the Fast Track in this case or if they fail to complete the first MFA semester.
  • If a Fast Track student does not successfully complete the first MFA semester, they will still have 18 remaining BA units to complete their undergraduate degree. They will no longer be an MFA in Creative Writing student, and would need to reapply as a regular applicant upon graduation from the BA program.
  • BA Creative Writing faculty are not involved in the selection process and cannot guarantee acceptance into the MFA.
  • In order to qualify for the BA/MFA Fast Track program, a student in the AULA BA program must officially apply through the AULA Admissions Office (and follow all of the AULA Admissions Office application guidelines) and be provisionally accepted into the MFA program;
  • They must follow regular Admissions deadlines and procedures, as outlined by the MFA program. MFA applications are due twice a year, August 15 and February 15, with special deadlines for priority applications. Students should refer to the MFA deadlines link at  and consult with the Admissions department . It is the student’s responsibility to meet all admissions deadlines and requirements.
  • Students should consult with Financial Aid prior to applying to determine impact on Financial Aid.