MANM Fast Track for Undergraduate Students

The MA in Nonprofit Management Fast Track option is available to AULA undergraduate students with 8 units remaining in their last quarter before graduation.  Students who are approved for the MANM Fast Track option may enroll in the first quarter of the MANM program while concurrently enrolling in their last quarter of undergraduate studies. 

Application for the MANM Fast Track option should be made two quarters prior to the student’s final undergraduate quarter.  Fast track students who wish to start in the Fall Quarter should apply by the previous May 1.  Students who wish to start in the Winter Quarter should apply by the previous August 1.  

Fast Track students will pay undergraduate tuition at the undergraduate rate for their final quarter of enrollment in undergraduate studies.  They will not be eligible for MANM program scholarships during their first quarter of the MANM program.  They will be considered for scholarship awards in subsequent quarters if they demonstrate graduate-level proficiency during their first quarter.

Fast Track Requirements

Prior to the fast-track quarter, applicants must:

  1. Be in good academic standing
  2. Have met their undergraduate degree requirements:
  3. For the BA in Liberal Studies degree, requirements are: domains of knowledge, math, writing, non-classroom learning requirements, and area of concentration, if applicable.  If their major area of concentration is Business and Management Studies, they must have completed a minimum of 32 units in the concentration.
  4. For Applied Studies degree students, requirements are: domains of knowledge, math, writing, non-classroom learning requirements, pro-seminar requirements, and core classes. Some Applied Studies degree students will be able to fulfill some of their core class requirements with MANM fast track courses and should consult with their undergraduate faculty advisor for specific guidance.
  5. Have completed 172 units toward their undergraduate degree.
Application Process
  1. The undergraduate student requests an interview with an MANM faculty member.
  2. The student completes the MANM Fast Track Application form, including signatures of approval from his or her 1) undergraduate faculty adviser, 2) undergraduate studies division chair, 3) MANM program chair.
  3. The student provides a recommendation form to two of the student’s undergraduate instructors who complete and return the recommendation to the MANM program chair.
  4. The MANM program will review the Fast Track application.  If the application is approved, the student will then apply for admission to the MANM program by the deadline stipulated in the Academic Calendar. 
Provisional Acceptance and Enrollment in MANM Courses:
  1. Fast track students are accepted into the MANM program on a provisional basis, pending successful completion of the first quarter at the graduate level.
  2. The student enrolls in the first quarter MANM courses, MNM 5000 and MNM 5100 during the Fall or Winter terms when the MANM first quarter courses are offered.  A Fast Track student cannot start the MANM in Spring or Summer.
  3. A Fast Track student will be fully admitted into the MANM program only if the student completes the first quarter of the MANM program at a graduate level, as determined by the student's course instructors.
  4. If the student completes the coursework, but without demonstrating graduate level achievement, the student will receive 8 units counted toward undergraduate degree completion but will not be admitted to the MANM program as a continuing graduate student.