A BA student may apply to become a fast-track candidate for the MA in Non-Profit Management degree if he or she is projected to meet the following requirements by the anticipated start of the fast track quarter. MANM quarters begin in Fall and Spring.

  • Must have completed at least 172 units toward the BA degree, with no more than 8 units remaining.
  • Must have met all domains of knowledge units, math review and academic writing courses, self-directed non-classroom learning units, as well as the units required for the declared area of concentration, if applicable.
  • Must be in good academic standing. Students on academic warning or probation are not eligible for fast-track status.
  • Must apply for and be provisionally accepted into the MANM program.

Fast-track students must enroll only in the required 8 quarter-unit curriculum for the first quarter MANM students. If they successfully complete those units, they earn 8 units to complete their BA degree while also earning 8 units toward their MA degree. Until they complete these 8 units and graduate from the BA Program, fast-track students are only provisionally accepted into the MANM Program.