The Education Fast Track Policy allows undergraduate. students to earn up to 31 upper division credits toward a teaching credential by taking courses in the Teacher Credentialing Program during the last one or two quarters of their undergraduate degree, with the prior approval of their undergraduate faculty advisor and Undergraduate Studies Chair and with preliminary acceptance into the Teacher Credentialing Program. Undergraduate. students in the Fast Track option must fulfill all undergraduate requirements as described below in order to qualify. Upon successful completion of the undergraduate. degree, the student is eligible to be considered for admission into the Teacher Credential Program and may complete the credential in additional two or three quarters of full-time study.

There are currently three start dates for BA to MAE Fast Track: Fall, Spring, and Summer quarters. Because most undergraduate requirements must be fulfilled prior to starting teaching credential course work, prospective Fast Trackers must plan their studies carefully with their undergraduate advisors in order to meet the eligibility requirements listed below:

  •  Must be in good standing in the BA program: (Not on SAP or Academic Probation)
  • Unit Requirement: To begin the teacher credential coursework, the student must have completed
  • At least 147 of the 180 minimum total units for the BA degree
  •  At least 57 of the minimum 90 upper division units
  • At least 15 units in residency at Antioch
  • If the student has declared a specialized Area of Concentration, he/she must have completed at least 40 units in that Area. Not applicable for those who have chosen Liberal Studies.
  • Domains of Knowledge Requirement:
    • Must have completed at least 6 units in each of the following Domains of Knowledge: Communications, Quantitative Methods, Fine Arts, Humanities, and Sciences. Students may fulfill the Social Science Domain with the Teacher Education program courses.
  •  Assessments:
    • Must have completed writing and math assessments, including turning in math workbooks.
    • Must have completed all writing classes as indicated by the results of the writing assessment.
  • Residency Requirement:
    • Undergraduate students must complete a minimum 45 units in residency at Antioch. Prospective Fast-Tracker should expect to spend at least two quarters in the undergraduate program before beginning their Fast-Track coursework.
  • Non-classroom learning:

o The BA Program requires 6 units of self-directed non-classroom learning (8 units for Applied Studies students), which are often fulfilled by prior learning units, internships, or approved Independent Studies. Early Deciders may also meet this requirement by taking TEP 533: Field Practicum, a 10-unit course that they complete during the second quarter of their teacher credential coursework. It is therefore not necessary for Fast-Trackers to complete their self-directed non-classroom learning requirement prior to beginning their Fast-Track course work.

In some cases, a student may petition his or her undergraduate advisor and the Teacher Credentialing Program for permission to take one remaining undergraduate course required for the degree during his or her first quarter of teacher credential course work, e.g., one domain of knowledge or area of concentration course. Because of the demands of the teacher credentialing sequence, this is the only exception that may be considered.