Undergraduate students enrolled in the BA in Liberal Studies Program may, with faculty approval, apply as a
fast track candidate for the USMA Program. The USMA fast track is an option that saves qualified students
significant time and money when progressing from undergraduate to graduate studies. A student must gain
approval from both the BA and USMA program chairs to become a fast track candidate. Students on
academic probation are not eligible for the Fast Track program.

In order to become a fast track candidate, students must first apply to the USMA program and be provisionally accepted. Provisionally accepted fast track candidates will enroll in the required 10 semester-unit curriculum for entering USMA students.

• Urban Sustainability - 6 units
• EcoSystems Thinking - 3 units
• Fieldwork Planning - 1 unit

Once successfully completed, these 10 semester units will count toward the MA degree and also translate to 15 quarter units that will count toward completion of the student’s BA degree.If not successfully completed, the student will not be granted full admission into the USMA program.

If a student who is opting for the Fast Track (from BA to any graduate level program) is receiving Title IV
aid, the student would be eligible for only undergraduate level aid (including Pell grants) until the BA
requirements are satisfied.

In order to qualify for the fast track in the USMA Program, the undergraduate student must:

  • Apply and be provisionally accepted into the MA program
  • Have 18 or fewer quarter units remaining to complete the undergraduate degree
  • Have completed at least 27 units needed toward the 45 unit Residency Requirement in the undergraduate program
  • Have completed all non-classroom learning and domain requirements;
  • Have completed all math and academic writing requirements (including any math review determined through the math assessment)
  • Have completed all area of concentration requirements, except for those with a concentration in Urban Studies, who must have completed 25 of the 40 unit concentration requirement.
  • Adhere to the regular Admissions deadlines and procedures, as outlined by the USMA program. It is the student's responsibility to meet all admissions deadlines and requirements.