An Undergraduate Studies student may elect to become a fast-track candidate, enroll in MA program courses and have them count toward completion of both the undergraduate degree and the USMA degree.

In order to qualify for the fast track in the USMA Program, the undergraduate student must:

  • Apply and be provisionally accepted into the MA program
  • Have 18 or fewer quarter units remaining to complete the undergraduate degree
  • Have completed all non-classroom learning and domain requirements

Fast-track students must enroll in the required 10 semester-unit core curriculum for the first semester MA students.  If they successfully complete those units, students earn 10 semester units that can be applied toward the MA degree and 15 quarter units that are counted toward completion of their undergraduate degree requirements.  Until they complete these 10 units and graduate from the bachelor's program, fast-track students are only provisionally accepted into the MA program.

Undergraduate students who do not elect the fast-track option may also enroll in one or more Urban Sustainability elective courses (not the core curriculum) with the approval of both the MA Program Chair and the undergraduate Faculty Advisor.  These courses may fulfill undergraduate requirements within the Social Sciences domain and will count toward the completion of the MA degree if the student applies, is accepted into one of the programs, and requests that the credits be transferred. 

Computer Hardware and Software Requirements

Students in the USMA Program are required to use an online learning management system as part of their core coursework. Therefore, they must have access to a personal computer, which, ideally, will be a laptop or other portable computer. Students need to have internet access and are expected to post documents electronically and be available for scheduled (synchronous) online discussions.