Antioch University Los Angeles accepts applicants for the following:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Liberal Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Media
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts in Urban Communities and Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Technology and Business Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (MAP)
  • Master of Arts in Education and Teacher Credentialing (MAE/TC)
  • Master of Arts in Education, Leadership and Change (MAEx.)
  • Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management (MANM)
  • Master of Arts in Psychology (MPIC)
  • Master of Arts in Urban Sustainability (USMA)
  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing
  • Teacher Credentialing Program (TC)
  • Post MFA Certificate in the Teaching of Creative Writing
  • Certificate in Applied Community Psychology
  • Certificate in Psychology of Trauma Studies (formerly Certficate in Conflict and Non-Conflict Related Trauma Studies)*
  • Certificate in LGBT Affirmative Psychology
  • Certificate in Urban Sustainability*
  • Certificate in Web Development*

*(Note: These programs are not accepting applications at this time until further notice.)

AULA seeks qualified candidates who will contribute to building a student body that is diverse in gender, ethnicity, age, class, physical differences, learning styles, sexual orientation, professional backgrounds, and community experiences. In evaluating candidates, AULA examines the quality and content of previous academic work. However, AULA recognizes that an individual’s current capacities may not be fully or adequately reflected in grades earned at an earlier age or in fields unrelated to the applicant’s present interests. Except for specific instances, Antioch University Los Angeles does not require standardized tests for admission. International applicants whose native language is not English must often complete the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), IELTS, or CELSA exam. Foreign applicants who hold a valid degree for which the language of instruction was English may be exempt from the TOEFL, IELTS, or CELSA requirement. Candidates must contact the Admissions Office in order to verify if the applicant’s background will exempt them from this requirement.

For all AULA programs, application materials become part of the applicant’s file and cannot be returned. Once all proper materials are received, the file is ready for review by an Admissions Committee for the program. Some programs require a face-to-face interview as part of the admissions process. Admissions decisions are communicated in a letter from the Admissions Office. Application materials remain active for three years from the date of receipt, with the exception of recommendations, which remain active for one year. After one year, applicants for all programs are required to submit a new application fee in order to reactivate the application for admission; additional requirements may apply for processing reactivated applications.

Housing Information
Antioch University Los Angeles is a non-residential  and has no dormitory facilities under its control.  Antioch University Los Angeles has no responsibility to find or assist students in finding housing.  Students may consult local real estate or rental listings for available options, all at their own expense.  Students may also consult with Antioch University's Financial Aid office; while financial aid is intended to support only your school expenses, an allowance for indirect costs such as housing, food, personal expenses, and transportation is part of your cost-of-attendance budget.

As a prospective student, you are encouraged to review this catalog prior to signing an enrollment agreement. You are also encouraged to review the School Performance Fact Sheet, which must be provided to you prior to signing an enrollment agreement.