AULA Bachelors Students Applying to AULA Graduate Programs

Bachelors students at AULA applying for graduate programs must adhere to the same policies and protocols as non-AULA applicants. However, the application fee is waived for all AULA alumni applying to AULA.

AULA Bachelors Students Applying to AULA Fast Track Graduate Programs

Bachelors students at AULA applying for Fast Track graduate programs must adhere to the same policies and protocols as non-AULA applicants.However, the application fee is waived for Bachelors Fast Track applicants.  Additionally, Bachelors students wishing to apply for a Fast Track option are required to complete a Fast Track Intent Form which verifies the student's eligibility for the Fast Track program by the Academic Advisor, Division/Department Chair, and Office of Integrated Student Services.

The Bachelors program collaborates with our graduate programs to offer Fast Track options that allow undergraduate students to earn significant advanced standing in our teaching credential program and in select master’s programs. Fast Track programs shorten the time and investment required to complete a teaching credential or graduate degree at AULA.

Interested Bachelors students who already attend AULA may consider applying for the Fast Track options.  See the Fast Track section of this Catalog for further details.

Students Transferring from Other Antioch University Campuses

Students who wish to transfer to Antioch University Los Angeles from other Antioch University campuses must apply through the Admissions Office and conform to the same deadlines and admissions requirements as other applicants.

Transfer applicants must also be in good academic and financial standing at the previous Antioch University campus in order to be eligible to transfer. The Admissions Office may exempt the student from obtaining certain documentation if it is able to obtain comparable materials from the student’s existing Antioch University file. In order to be admitted, however, students must submit official transcripts from all previous schools of attendance, including from any Antioch University campus.

Because students transfer at various points in their degree programs, faculty members review the applicant’s file and determine what Antioch University Los Angeles degree requirements, if any, have been met through study at another Antioch University campus. Any exemptions are noted either in the letter of acceptance and/or in the Official Transfer Credit Summary (for Bachelors students). The files and transfer credit of Bachelors applicants are reviewed before an admissions decision can be made by the Bachelors Program faculty.

MAE/TC Candidates Transferring from Antioch University Santa Barbara

MAE/TC candidates who wish to transfer to Antioch University Los Angeles from a Master's and/or Credential Program within Antioch University Santa  Barbara Education Department must apply through the AULA Admissions Office. Transfer applicants must be in good academic and financial standing at the Santa Barbara campus. Transfer applicants must submit official transcripts from all previously attended regionally accredited colleges and universities. One of the official transcripts must document earning the Bachelors degree. Transfer requests are evaluated on an individual basis.


Auditors are individuals who attend a course and do not expect to receive credit for the course. Consent of the instructor, or in some cases of the Division/Department Chair, is required to register for a class as an auditor. Individuals who are not already AULA students are required to file an Audit Application with the Office of Integrated Student Services (OISS) obtain approval to audit from the Division/Department Chair, and pay the appropriate audit fee during the scheduled registration period. For further details on auditor status click here.

Non-Matriculating Admission

Individuals who wish to enroll in courses for credit without intending to earn an AULA degree or certificate are referred to as non-matriculating students. These individuals must file a Non-Matriculating Student Application online and pay the nonrefundable application fee.

Non-matriculating students may not be permitted to register for some classes. They receive lowest priority if classes are full. Non-matriculating students must register during the late registration period and may not register for independent studies. Non-matriculating students are not eligible for financial aid.

As a general rule, other than for PSY510, only students who are either registered in another accredited graduate program in psychology or who are license eligible in another state and are completing coursework required for licensure in California may register as non-matriculating students in the graduate psychology program.

Non-Matriculated Admission for Introduction to Psychological Theory and Practice (PSY 5100) or Educational Foundations (EDU 3800A)

For some programs, students who apply for admission may be allowed to enroll as non-matriculated students in order to take one or more courses to strengthen skills or to fulfill program requirements. Students with fewer than 36 units of transfer credit may be admitted to the Bachelors program on a non-matriculating basis in order to undertake the Educational Foundations (EDU 3800A) course. For the MAP Program, students may be admitted on a non-matriculating basis to take the PSY 5100 course. Students must successfully complete the coursework attempted in order to be fully admitted into the Program or to take any further classes.