An Antioch University Los Angeles MAEx degree provides candidates with a wide variety of skills and practices that are quite marketable in our changing economy. The department faculty partner with our candidates to explore the injustices that pervade our society and to learn strategies for impacting them in positive ways through educational ventures.


The curriculum consists of six half-time quarters where candidates develop a systems approach to social justice and sustainability-oriented educational leadership perspectives along with a variety of elective courses to best suit their area of interest and Department goals. The degree culminates with candidates sitting an oral Capstone experience that is based on research and learning they will have conducted within the program. 

Candidates are assigned to a faculty advisor when they are accepted into the Program and work closely with their advisor to tailor the degree to meet their needs and allow them to pursue their individual interests. 

For general information about department goals, please see the Master of Arts in Education and Teacher Credentialing section.


Unit Requirements

The number of quarter units for the MAEx degree is 45.

Required Courses

TEP 6230Review of Educational Research3
TEP 6290AEducational Research: Inquiry II3
TEP 5260Systems Thinking3
TEP 6380Leadership & Change3

Elective courses *

TEP 5000BGrassroots Organizing for Social Justice3
TEP 5310CEnhancing English Language Development With Literature3
TEP 6030BGraduate Seminar1-6
TEP 6030HGraduate Seminar: History of Ideas3
TEP 6060Diversity in Schools3
TEP 6340.LACritical Media Literacy3
TEP 6370.LAGlobal Perspectives in an Era of Change3
TEP 6390Global Perspectives in an Era of Change II3
TEP 6420Current Trends in Neuroscience3
TEP 6430Advanced Leadership3
TEP 6440Education-Community Contexts & Interactions3
TEP 6450An Intro to Ecoliteracy3
TEP 6470Grant Proposal Development3

 Total Quarter Units = 45

* This list represents potential course offerings. Not all courses will be available to all students.