The Addiction and Recovery (A+R) Specialization

The Addiction and Recovery (A+R) Clinical Psychology Specialization consists of 17 units of focused coursework and clinical training that prepares students to work in a variety of settings providing compassionate, client-centered treatment to individuals with substance use and related disorders. The focus of the A+R Specialization is to promote understanding of addiction from a multidimensional perspective and to expand beyond the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.

The A+R Specialization:

  • Presents an integrated understanding of substance use and related disorders from a biological, psychological, socio-cultural-political, and systems perspective.

  • Prepares students to competently engage as MFT professionals with the ability to provide psychoeducation, assessment, case conceptualization, diagnoses, and delivery of innovative, evidence-based, and client-centered interventions.

  • Places an emphasis on cultivating a deep understanding for the complexity of addiction along with the skills necessary to effectively work with the pain and suffering that seeds addiction.   

    A+R Specialization Requirements

PSY 5500EIntegrative Treatment of Addictive & Co-Ocurring Disorders (Co-Occurring)3
PSY 5500GUnderstanding and Treating Addiction: A Systems Perspective (Systems Perspectives)2
PSY 5501Understanding and Treating Addictions: Biological Perspectives3
PSY 5502Understanding and Treating Addictions: Social, Cultural, and Political Perspect ives (Perspectives)3
PSY 5503Understanding and Treating Addiction: Ps (Psychological Perspectives)3
A+R Electives3

Clinical Training: Note, at least 75 hours of direct-client-contact hours in clinical training must be earned with clients being treated for substance use disorders in an approved addiction treatment setting.