The Child Studies Specialization

The Child Studies Specialization consists of 17 units of focused coursework and clinical training for a variety of careers working with children and adolescents. 

The CS Specialization: 

  • Presents an integrated multidisciplinary approach to children's issues and problems, including psychological, sociological, educational, ethical, and social policy factors
  • Includes clinical training with children and/or adolescents
  • Combines theoretical rigor, a pluralistic  clinical orientation, and a strong focus on cultural values, ethnicity, and child advocacy
  • Offers CS core classes on Thursday evenings and CS workshops on Friday, Saturday, and/or Sundays

CS Specialization Requirements: 

PSY 5200ADevelopmental Psychopathology I: Diagnosis (DIAGNOSIS)3
PSY 5200BDevelopmental Psychopathology II: Intervention (INTERVENTION)3
PSY 5330BBrain and Behavior: the Child3
PSY 5680AChild Advocacy and Social Policy3
PSY 5430HCross-Cultural Infant Observation2-3
CS Electives3

 Clinical Training: Note, at least 75 hours of direct-client-contact hours in clinical training must be earned with children and/or adolescents in approved child specialization settings.