The Psychology of Trauma Studies Specialization

The Psychology of Trauma Studies Specialization (PTS) consists of 17 units of focused coursework and clinical training to give students a breadth of knowledge about the field of psychological trauma while  helping them to develop knowledge and skills needed to access and treat both the acute and long-term effects of trauma. 

The PTS Specialization:

  • Trains students to contextualize and treat those suffering the effects of psychological trauma in a systemic, ecological, and socially responsible manner by maximizing contact with, and use of, familial and community resources to provide advocacy and a holistic approach to symptom reduction.
  •  Teaches students to discuss the effects of trauma on the emotional, cognitive, neurological & physical human systems
  • Places emphasis on the major approaches to trauma treatment, including their philosophical assumptions, strategies and techniques employed, and available outcome research.
  • Critically examines the influence of social cultural historical factors on trauma exposure, symptom expression and treatment ideologies.

The PTS Specialization Requirements all of the core classes listed below along with 3 units of electives.

PSY 5220APerspectives: Trauma & Its Effects, Awareness & Recovery3-4
PSY 5710Traumatic Grief and Loss3-4
PSY 5711Disasters, Mass Violence and Psychologic al First Aid3
PSY 5712Sexual Trauma and Human Trafficking2-3
PSY 5713Trauma Ax/Tx Across the Developmental Spectrum3-4
PSY 5714Exploration of Post Traumatic Growth1
PSY 5971PTSD: Military and the Family2