Transferring to another Antioch University campus

Students may choose to transfer to another Antioch University campus to complete their degree.  When contemplating a transfer, the student should speak to her or his academic advisor. Click here for information about other Antioch University campuses.

Students should contact the Admissions Office of the campus where they would like to transfer and identify themselves as a currently enrolled student at Antioch University Los Angeles. Students should then follow the instructions for that campus' Admissions Office. Deadlines and admission requirements vary among campuses. The Office of the University Registrar may be able to help students facilitate the application and transfer process either by forwarding copies of documentation already present in Los Angeles or by helping students understand procedures for transfer, deadlines, transfer credit issues, and residency.

All students are expected to be in good financial standing at AULA when considering a transfer, and students are expected to order a final official transcript with evaluations from the University Registrar to the new campus when their record in Los Angeles is complete.

To transfer from other Antioch University campuses to Antioch University Los Angeles, students should consult the Admissions section of this Catalog. 

Temporary Study at Other Institutions

Students may wish to take courses at other accredited institutions in order to pursue specializations and/or while traveling abroad. Courses taken at other institutions may be included as part of a student's program if approved in advance by a student’s faculty advisor and the Office of the University Registrar through the campus designee, although the regulations and procedures vary by program (review the policies under each academic program section).

While Antioch University Los Angeles does not have formal study abroad arrangements with institutions in other countries, Antioch University does offer some study abroad opportunities. Additionally, there are numerous institutions that offer programs in which AULA students may be eligible to participate. 

Transfer to Another Institution 

Because Antioch University Los Angeles is regionally accredited, credit earned at AULA is regularly accepted in transfer by other institutions. Some institutions may require additional information on AULA's policy of non-letter grade evaluation.  If questions regarding AULA evaluations are raised, the Office of the University Registrar will be available to provide assistance in transferring credit to the other institution.  The determination of course credit transfer is the prerogative of the institution to which the student is applying.