Candidacy Status/Application for Graduation

A student is eligible for candidacy when she or he has concluded all degree requirements except those that remain in the final term of degree enrollment. Students must file an online application for graduation through AUView in the term before their anticipated final term. The student is responsible for informing the Office of Integrated Student Services (ISS) of their Anticipated Completion Date (ACD) and any changes thereof. Student may consult their academic adviser in determining their ACD. The ACD is used by the Office of the University Registrar to generate the projected graduate list each term. In collaboration with respective advisors, program chairs and the campus ISS, the conferral team in the Office of the University Registrar conducts a final audit of projected graduating students to ensure that they or on track with their degree completion. Otherwise, the student must register for Enrollment Maintenance Status in the term following the intended graduation and delay graduation until the end of that term. 

Final Term Status

During the final term, a student in Candidacy must be registered for units sufficient to complete her or his remaining requirements or be on Enrollment Maintenance Status. Students cannot be registered for a Leave of Absence in their final term.

If any degree requirements remain incomplete by the stated deadline for submission, or if the Office of the University Registrar has not received evaluations with Credit Awarded, the student will not be eligible to graduate. The student must register for Enrollment Maintenance Status, pay the fee, and complete any remaining degree requirements in order to be eligible to graduate. 

The AULA’s Annual Commencement Exercise occurs in June. The Commencement Exercise celebrates the completion of academic studies for students who have graduated in the preceding four quarters. The Commencement Committee notifies students who have indicated they will graduate by Spring of that year with details about the Commencement Exercise. The MFA in Creative Writing program conducts a separate Commencement Ceremony each December at the conclusion of the Summer/Fall Semester. In June, at the conclusion of the Winter/Spring Semester, graduating MFA students participate in commencement with students graduating from other academic programs.  

Early Commencement

Students in the quarter programs who will not graduate until the end of Summer Quarter may petition to participate in the June Commencement Ceremony if they have no more than eight units of work outstanding as of the end of Spring term. Petitions to Participate Early in Commencement forms are available in the Office of Integrated Student Services.

For graduate students writing Master’s Documents, approved Forms J and K must be on file at the time of the petition. MANM students must have completed and received four units of credit for the Capstone Experience. Petitions will not be considered for students on academic probation. The advisor's signature must appear on the petition, indicating that the student meets the above criteria.

The Office of Integrated Student Services will inform the student if the petition has been granted. Students are responsible for all applicable fees, including any costs associated with late cap and gown ordering. 


The Office of the University Registrar mails diplomas by certified mail approximately 90 days after graduation; AU is not responsible for delivery to students whose addresses are not current. A student can order a replacement diploma through the Office of the University Registrar. No diploma will be released to any graduate until all financial obligations to the University have been satisfied.