To register, students need to meet all obligations required by the Registrar, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts Offices. Any registration holds, from these offices or other offices, must be cleared before a student is eligible to register for the term.

Beginning summer 2016, continuing students register online each term through the AUView system. New students in quarter programs (except the Bachelors, MANM, USMA, and MFA whose new students are now able to register online) request classes at their program’s New Student Registration and Orientation (NSRO).  New students in the USMA Program register online prior to each six-day residency.  Students who enroll for internships, independent studies, traineeships, personal psychotherapy, concurrent learning, and master’s document  units must use the paper form for registration. Unless waitlisted, students are not allowed to attend any class in which they are not officially registered.

Students must register each term, either for classes or for another status such as Enrollment Maintenance or Leave of Absence. The Office of the University Registrar will place any continuing student who fails to register on an administrative leave of absence for a “failure to register” reason. A student in this administrative leave of absence who fails to register for classes or for an extended LOA in the subsequent term will be withdrawn and cannot reenter without a formal application for readmission.

Registering for Courses and Workshops

Prerequisites for courses must be met in order to register.  Students are not permitted to register for courses that overlap or conflict in schedule. As an example, students who are part of a Saturday cohort within the MA in Psychology program may not take workshops that meet on Saturday.

Registering for an Extra Unit for a Class

Once an extra unit has been added, the student does not earn credit unless both the original coursework and the extra unit work are completed.  Partial credit cannot be awarded for any learning activity.  Workshops cannot be taken for an extra unit.

Undergraduate Students in Graduate Classes

BA students may be admitted to TC, MAP, MANM, USMA, or MFA classes as part of the Fast Track option.  

Graduate Students in Other Graduate Program Classes

MAP students may take MAE/TC courses on a space available basis.  An MA Clinical Psychology student wishing to take MAE/TC course must register for the course as an Independent Study using Form A, with a Psychology (PSY) subject designation and course number and with psychological focus in curriculum and assignment, if the course is to be used as part of the 90-unit degree. MAE/TC students may register for some MA Psychology courses as electives with permission of the Education Department Chair and the Graduate Psychology Department Chair.  Students in any of the graduate programs may take classes in the USMA Program with approval from both department chairs. 

MFA in Creative Writing students may register for courses in a different AULA graduate program with the consent of the Graduate Creative Writing Department Chair, but may not use these courses as units awarded toward fulfilling the MFA degree requirements. 

Registering for Independent Studies, Internships, Clinical Training, Psychotherapy and Clinical Practicum

Procedures for designing and registering for Independent Studies differ from program to program, and are therefore described in the Program sections of this Catalog.  Clinical training, psychotherapy, and clinical practicum registration procedures appear in the MA Psychology section  of this Catalog.  Procedures for registering for internships are described in the Bachelors' section of this Catalog.

A student who wishes to pursue an independent study must fill up appropriate permission forms for her or his program and register for the unit(s) during the registration period.  Graduate students in quarter programs register using Form A, Permission to Register for an Independent Learning Activity. USMA students register for independent studies using the USMA Independent Study Request Form. Undergraduates register using the BA Independent Study or Internship Proposal Form.  If an Independent Study project continues over more than one term, the student must register again with unique learning objectives for each term. A student is prohibited from providing remuneration to an evaluator for any learning activity.

Add/Drop and Course Withdrawal

Students may add or drop courses via AUView without penalty from the time of the students’ priority registration up to the end of the Add/Drop period as defined.

Effective Summer 2016, AULA will neither have one singular date that serves as the Add/Drop period deadline, nor one due date for the 100% tuition refund. Based on AULA course types, there are three types of Add/Drop and Tuition Refund timelines. Learn more...

Students must use the appropriate permission forms when adding learning activities such as psychotherapy, internships, independent studies, clinical training and other individualized learning activities, and for enrolling above a program’s maximum units. The Office of the University Registrar through the Office of Integrated Student Services must receive all materials by the Add/Drop deadline. 

Instructors may not add students to their courses.  For courses, the add/drop process may only occur online.  If a student wishes to add a course that closed during registration, she or he may waitlist for the course, if eligible. A waitlisted student may attend the class sessions during add/drop in the hopes that the course might become open during the add/drop period.  If it does not open, the student must not continue attending.

When switching to a different course section, students should consult the instructor of or the course syllabus for the new section and be clear about the attendance requirement for that section.

Students are responsible for dropping any of their registered units during the Add/Drop period via AUView if they no longer plan to attend. Otherwise, a No Credit for the course will result. Instructors do not automatically drop students for non-attendance.

Changes in a student's registration are not allowed after the Add/Drop deadline. Students must complete all units attempted and cannot earn credit for units not added within the deadline. Once the add/drop period has ended, extra units in courses may neither be added nor dropped. 

MFA in Creative Writing students may not add or drop units at any time.

Intra-University Registration

Antioch University has campuses located in Los Angeles; Santa Barbara; Seattle, Washington; Keene, New Hampshire; and Yellow Springs, Ohio. Students enrolled at Antioch University Los Angeles may wish to cross-enroll in course(s) hosted by any of the Antioch’s campuses through intra-university registration. The intra-university registration’s administrative procedure is available from the Office of the University Registrar or campus Office of Integrated Student Services.

Concurrent Learning: Registration for Classes Taken at Another Institution

AULA students are sometimes permitted to take units at another institution while being enrolled during a term at AULA. This is a way for students to take necessary coursework (for example, to take the science courses required for entry into medical school) that isn't available at AULA.

A student who wishes to enroll in concurrent learning units must first get permission from AULA to ensure that these units are eligible for transfer.  This process requires signatures from the student's advisor and the program chair as they will need to determine if, a) the units at the other institution will be transferable to AULA, b) the course is not offered at AULA (or it is, but not at the time necessary for the student to complete the program). If the student is on financial aid, the form will require a signature from the Associate Director of Financial Aid to ensure appropriate awarding.

A student who has approval to enroll in concurrent learning will register and pay tuition and fees at AULA for the actual Antioch units for which they are enrolled in at AULA, and will register and pay separately for the concurrent learning units for which they are enrolled at the other institution.  After earning the units undertaken at the other institution, the student must request to have those other units earned transferred to the student's AULA transcript. Note: The student is responsible for providing documentation of the units earned at the other institution. Concurrent learning units transferred to AULA will be counted as both attempted and completed, and will affect a student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress.

The following restrictions will apply to the units taken at another institution:

The units will not count towards the per term total unit load at AULA.
The units will not count towards the 45 unit residency requirement for the BA program.

On rare occasions, the program chair and the campus Office of Enrollment Management and Student Services may approve a student’s study at another institution while on Enrollment Maintenance Status(EMS).