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PSY 5310H. Intercultural Transpersonal and Depth Psychology. 3-4 Unit.

This course provides an intercultural orientation to the unconscious, spirituality and self transformation as seen through the lens of transpersonal and depth psychology. Utilizing Jungian psyche-centered theory the course explores the meaning of intercultural myths and symbols including dream work, active imagination, and rituals. Coursework will provide the opportunity to practice skills for developing personal inner work with the aim of furthering intercultural dialogue and clinical competence. Students will gain knowledge of a depth psychological view of intercultural personal, cultural, and transpersonal identities and its application in clinical practice with emphasis on the treatment of intergenerational trauma (e.g. legacy of slavery, racism, homophobia, religious oppression, colonization, and immigration). With the intention of expanding beyond a Eurocentric view of psyche, the class will broaden understanding of intercultural ideas about the psychic reality and non-duality, the increasing East/West/South/North dialogue in Western* psychology, and the exploration of non-Western/indigenous psycho-spiritual techniques of self-transformation. The course also considers the significant influence of various (Western and non-Western) religious and spiritual traditions that are critical to Jung's theories of the Self, complexes, individuation, the transpersonal, the collective unconscious, and the evolution of consciousness. (*West European/Euro-American).