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PSY 6200. Applied Psychotherapeutic Techniques. 1-6 Unit.

PSY 620 A/B is the course designation for clinical training practicum in marriage and family therapy providing experience in psychotherapeutic counseling of individuals, couples and/or families under professional supervision. The training takes place in an approved clinical training site and generally includes participation in staff meetings and training activities. The student's first training site is designated 620A with subsequent traineeships in different settings as 620B, C and so on. Prerequisites: PSY 501A, PSY 541, and PSY 548, as well as attendance at the Clinical Training Orientation and PERFECT meetings.(To register for PSY 620, the student must submit Form D, Permission to register for MFT Traineeship and the Clinical Training Agreement.) 9 units are required for MFT Concentration students; a maximum of 18 units may be elected with no more than 6 units in a single quarter.

Graduate Psychology Programs

...Students can receive a no credit for PSY 6200 Clinical Training, once. Upon receiving a...

Master of Arts in Psychology with Individualized Concentration (MPIC)

...occasionally receives permission to include clinical training ( PSY 6200 Applied Psychotherapeutic Techniques) as part of...