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PSY 6230. Personal Psychotherapy. 0 Units.

PSY 6230 A/B is the course designation for students registering to fulfill the MFT Concentration psychotherapy requirement. Students gain experience as a client in individual, conjoint, family or group psychotherapy provided by a licensed therapist throughout the 12-week quarter, at a minimum of one hour per week. If a student begins work with a second therapist or changes to a different form of therapy with the same therapist, the new learning activity is designated PSY 6230B.(To register for PSY 6230, the student must submit Form C, Permission to register for Personal Psychotherapy.) Students in MFT Concentration are required to register for two or more quarters of PSY 6230.

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...400.00 PSY 5100 Intro to Psy. Theory and Practice 0 PSY 6230 Therapy (per...

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...course number PSY 6230, plus the letter A, B, C, etc. (e.g. PSY 6230A...