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URSĀ 5230. Eco Systems Thinking. 3 Units.

As the dual crises of rampant inequality and climate change threaten the future of democracy and the future of our planet, Einstein's notion that We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them becomes the challenge of the day. Today's problems demand unprecedented reservoirs of human creativity, divergent thinking, and empathy as well as a heightened tolerance for complexity. Eco-systems thinking -- a way of seeing the world as a complex web of interconnected parts -- is a skill that helps us see patterns in relationships, view a problem through many perspectives, and identify leverage points for intervention. Coupled with a deep practice of collaborative experimentation, eco-systems thinking can help us get better at learning so that we can build more effective frameworks and strategies for solving our most intransigent urban problems. The purpose of this course is to sharpen our capacity for eco-systems thinking and creative problem solving at the same time that we build fundamental professional skills.