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URSĀ 6290. Introduction to Environmental Journalism. 1 Unit.

This 1-unit course is a practical introduction to environmental journalism, which has an impact on open space, wildlife and humans and in many ways creates public agenda about the environment. It will help you find and develop story ideas, gather information and view issues from many different perspectives to produce fair and accurate articles. Just as in media newsrooms, we will discuss story ideas, as well as our successes and failures in previous assignments. A guest speaker involved in current environmental issues will help provide you with a better understanding of the complexities of real-life controversies, and of possible career opportunities. You are expected to be aware of major environmental issues of the day in your region, and keep track of environmental coverage in leading publications such as the Los Angeles Times and New York Times, and in research publications for environmental writers: Science and Nature. Your grade will be based on class participation, news judgment, clarity, accuracy, balance and the ability to meet deadlines.