(Effective Summer Quarter 2017)

BA Tuition per Quarter

Activity Fee
12-15 units $6,790.00
11 units $6,111.00
10 units $5,432.00
9 units $4,753.00
6-8 units $4,074.00
Per Unit $679.00

Certificate In Web Development Tuition and Fees per Term

Activity Fee
Term 1 $6,790.00
Term 2 $12,901.00
Technology Fee $75.00
Parking Fee $95.00

MAE/TC & MAEx Tuition per Quarter

Activity Fee
13-23 units $7,000.00
5-12 units $4,200.00
Per unit $700.00
Induction Program tuition per quarter $750

MA in Psychology Tuition per Quarter

Activity Fee
8-16 units $7,542.00
7 units $5,285.00
4-6 units $4,530.00
Per unit $755.00

MA in Non-Profit Management Tuition per Quarter

Activity Fee
Per unit $659.00

MA in Urban Sustainability Tuition per Semester

Activity Fee
Full-Time (7 units minimum) $1,170.00 per unit
Half-Time (3-6 units) $1,170.00 per unit
Less than Half-Time $1,170.00 per unit

 MFA in Creative Writing Tuition per Semester

Activity Fee
Summer/Fall 2017 $8,448.00
4th Semester Summer/Fall 2017 $12,582.00
Winter/Spring 2018 $8,448.00
4th Semester Winter/Spring 2018 $12,582.00
Summer/Fall 2017 Post MFA (Pedagogy) $8,448.00
Winter/Spring 2018 Post MFA (Pedagogy) $8,448.00

MFA-Professional Development Semester (PDS)

Activity Fee
Per Unit $704.00

Other Fees

(Subject to change)

Admission Application Fees

Activity Fee
Matriculating Students $50.00
Non-matriculating Students $25.00
Regional Transfers $30.00
Readmission $50.00
Auditing Students No Fee
AULA BA Graduates* No Fee

There is no application fee for AULA BA graduates seeking admission into one of AULA’s graduate programs.

Zero Unit Courses Taken Alone:

Activity Fee
ORN 003 Prior Learning Workshop $400.00
PSY 5100 Intro to Psy. Theory and Practice 0
PSY 6230 Therapy (per section) $400.00
Per Evaluation Prior Learning $250.00

Reader Fees:

Activity Fee
MFA Students $155.00/Semester
Per Course Reader Varies

Note: This semester reader fee applies to MFA students. All other reader fees are charged on a per course basis, depending on the size and content of the reader. Per course reader fees will be charged at registration and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Activity Fee
Thesis Completion Fee (Quarter Program) $600.00
Thesis Completion Fee (USMA only) $1200.00
Thesis Binding Fee (Required: 2 copies) $50.00 per copy
(Plus $50 per copy for any additional copies)
Enrollment Maintenance Fee (Quarter Programs) $400.00
Enrollment Maintenance Fee (MFA) $900.00
Enrollment Maintenance Fee (USMA) $800.00
Tuition Payment Plan Fee $40.00
Technology Fee (Quarter Programs) $75.00
Technology Fee (MFA and USMA) $150.00
Student Activities Fee $25.00
Liability Insurance Fee (MAP Clinical Only) $40.00 (one time fee)
Late Registration Fee $100.00
Late Payment Fee $50.00
Per Evaluation Prior Learning Fee $250.00
Parking Fee (each quarter) $95.00
Parking Fee (MFA and USMA programs) $25.00
Graduation Fee $100.00
Commencement Fee $80.00
Special Services Fee $50.00

Non-Matriculating Fees

Activity Fee
Audit Fee (Non Students) $100.00 per unit
Audit Fee (Seniors 65+) $50.00 per unit
Replacement Diplomas $30.00
AULA Alumni Fee Rate Per Unit Tuition For Non-Matriculating Students $200 per unit
AULA Alumni Audit Fee $50.00 per unit
Returned Check Fee $50.00
Transcript Fee $10.00 per copy
Unofficial Grade Equivalent Letter $15.00 per copy
Transcript with Learning Evaluations $15.00 per copy
Document Fee $15.00

The University reserves the right to change tuition and fees once per year.

Tuition Payment Plan Policy

Tuition and fees not covered by financial aid are due at registration. Students who are unable to meet this requirement may elect a Tuition Payment Plan upon approval of credit by Antioch University Los Angeles. These arrangements must be made in advance of registration. At least 40% of the amount owed must be paid in order to register, and a fee of $40 is required on all Tuition Payment Plans. The 60% balance is paid in three equal installments. Checks and all credit cards are accepted for payment. Online payment is available via AUView.

In addition, the Late Payment Fee is assessed whenever the student fails to meet any installment payment obligation on time. Students who owe amounts from a previous quarter may be denied re-enrollment at registration.